Hunters are being asked to keep an eye out for any clues that could lead investigators to Ayla Reynolds. The toddler went missing from her father's Waterville home in December.

Although police say they suspect foul play, there have been no advances in the case. So a group of concerned citizens had the idea to include Maine's sportsmen in the search. Hundreds of hunters will be combing the woods in the coming weeks, as they search out deer, moose, ducks, and more. Fishermen too!

The group of internet bloggers call themselves "United for Ayla" and they plan to put up posters wherever hunters can be found....tagging stations, sporting goods stores, hunters' breakfasts, rod and gun clubs, and the like. They're asking hunters to look for anything out of the ordinary that might give investigators a clue to what happened to Ayla.

For more information, log onto the United 4 Ayla website. And if you see anything in the woods that seems suspicious, call the police and report it. Here's hoping that before the season's over, they can bring Ayla home.