You have to pay attention to what your kids are doing online to keep them safe.

That was the message as parents of murdered Glenburn teen, Nicole Cable, appeared on the Dr. Phil Show last night to explain to teens and parents the danger of online predators.

Kristine and Jason Wiley appeared on the Doctor Phil show and had the opportunity before a national audience to talk directly to another teenage girl who admitted to connecting with many men she'd befriended, via online venues.

The Wiley's started to speak out as a means to help them understand and cope with their loss of their 15 year old daughter Nichole who never returned home after meeting up with someone she befriended on facebook.

The Wiley's cautioned parents and teens that predators are everywhere and they're using the internet to lure unsuspecting teens into danger.

Dr. Phil thanked the Wiley's for their courage and appearance, assuring them that by speaking out and sharing their story, they may have saved a life.

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