If you or I were to write out the date right now without thinking about it, we would likely write it as 1/2/20. But from what I'm seeing all over Facebook today, there's reason to believe that it might be a good idea to avoid doing that. Here's why, according to News Center Maine.

There is some potential to change the date on official/legal document in a way that could adversely affect you. Say I signed a contract with someone, and later there was a dispute of some kind. A dishonest person could just as easily change 1/2/20 to 1/2/2016 on that document, and nullify that agreement.

In certain situations, this could at the very least cause you a great deal of grief, and at most could really cost you financially or legally. You know there are scammers out there already looking for a way to exploit this situation. And lord knows, we live in the age of internet scammers right now.

The solution is super simple. When you do have to write the date down for any kind of legally binding document, simply write out the whole year. So today's date would simply be written 1/2/2020. Literally writing two extra digits could cover your fanny in ways you may not even fathom.

As time goes on, scammers aren't going to make it easier for us, so it's always good to be vigilant and stay ahead of those jerks. And this answer to the puzzle is just so simple. Stay safe in 2020, not '20.


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