I feel like I've tried every which way to put salt out on my driveway. Like most of us, you're likely to find me walking around with a bucket and some sort of little chucking device. Be it a cup, or a scoop, or whatever. And also like most of us, I also assumed that more salt, meant more melting. Seems logical, right?

Well, maybe not! According to the Bangor Area Storm Water Group, we might be doing it all wrong. Check out this graphic to see what I'm talking about, and to demonstrate.

I never really gave a lot of thought before. But it makes sense. I mean, I've always been the guy that pretty much makes like 450 small little salt mountains in my driveway. I've always had the train of thought that if a little works pretty good, then a lot must really put the boots to it.

And honestly, I never really thought about where the salt goes. But it would make sense that it melts, and then flows into the storm drains, and then could pollute our streams, rivers, and lakes. No one wants that....

So maybe get one of those handy spreaders and save yourself some effort, and salt! Now you finally can stop putting 23 pounds of salt down, and let the minerals do their job!