Glow-in-the-dark plankton create an illuminated bay of sparking water you can kayak through at night!

One of the most well known bioluminescent bays in the world is in Puerto Rico as seen in the video below. But did you know we had one right here in Maine!?

Beginning as early as June you can view this amazing natural phenomenon via kayak tour with Castine Kayak. The tour takes you into Castine Harbor under the stars with trained guides. As you dip your paddle you will notice the small glowing organisms swirling and dancing with your paddle.

The bioluminescent tour has great reviews on Yelp with people saying things like:

I can't think of anything that tops this. We spent an amazing 3-4 hours on Penobscot Bay in the magical darkness. I don't know how I've lived this long and never heard of Luminescence. Karen, our guide, was professional, knowledgeable, enthusiastic and just about as excited as the group over this beautiful phenomenon. These sea creatures are a cross between lightning bugs, glow worms and fairy sparkles .... add to the calm night, a crystal clear sky with the stars strewn from one horizon to the next.


The night was one I will never forget - the dark water was sparkling with luminescent little critters while the night sky lit up with the meteor shower. My family ranged in age from 12 to 75 and everyone loved it !

Unfortunately you have to wait a little while to get in the water but you can get more details on the Kayak tours here and watch the video of a bioluminescent kayak ride below!