When your day starts as early as mine, a few days of sleeping in can really mess with your brain.

It's been a weird couple of weeks. I took a four-day weekend at the end of August, to get a short break from sad news stories and waking up early. The following week, my co-host was on vacation, so I was getting up even earlier in order to fill both our shoes. Then I took another 4-day weekend, including Labor Day.

Now, it's Monday. No? Wednesday? Well, my brain says it's Monday because it's my first day of work since last Friday. And it was a bit of a rough start. Normally, my alarm goes off at 3:15 a.m. But, this morning, the power bumped at 2:22, causing our DVD player to start cycling and our dog, Toby, to bark. I got up to make sure all was well before resetting my clock and going back to bed. But, of course, then my brain knows it has to get up in less than an hour, so I couldn't get back to sleep.

At 3:15, I rolled out of bed and into a hot shower, hoping it would help me wake up. It didn't. The coffee pot was the next stop, for a large mug of black coffee, which started to rouse me. I woke up enough to put on makeup, fix my hair, and dress myself. Sort of. Grabbed my computer bag and keys, kissed my dog and patted my husband on the head (whoops...reverse that), and I was on my way.

Once at work, things started humming along pretty well. I got my tasks done early and was ready to enjoy the morning show, sipping more coffee the entire time, but something felt 'off.' One foot was aching, as I walked around the building. I retied the laces on my sneakers, to see if maybe they were too tight. Nope, that didn't help. I adjusted the way I walked (I'm an ankle roller), but that didn't help either. It was only then that I realized I had put on two different sneakers this morning. Oh, they're similar, which is my excuse. The light in the living room was dim when I dressed my feet, and the sneakers are nearly identical in make. But one is slightly taller than the other, and a half-size larger. Not to mention, one is blue and white and the other is done in shades of tan.

So, if you see a woman in a Patriots mask limping around Hannaford later on today, it's just me. I'm fine. Just getting used to the old routine, that's suddenly new again. I'll be better tomorrow. And (fingers crossed) my shoes will match.

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