I know it's not appropriate to chuckle, laugh, or even gaffaw at someone's misfortune, but you have to agree that there are times that the urge to even "tee-hee" a little bit escapes you.

I draw your attention now to probably the worst dive in Olympic history, as demonstrated by Stephen Feck of Germany, at the 2012 London Olympics. 

And before you click the link to watch the video, please understand that I wish that Stephen Feck and I were close friends. The reason I wish that is because I know I would be able to console him right away as only good friends can do with one another. And believe me, we'd have a good chuckle about the mishap.

Growing up I've had a friend or two pull similar stunts off a diving board, and trust me, they were far from Olympic status--Redneck Olympics, maybe. But man-oh-man wasn't it funny to watch them flop in that water with the loudest smack you've ever heard.

Okay, enough of the that. Here's the video link. And remember not to laugh. Olympics is serious business, afterall. And pay no attention to the announcer who is right on the verge of "busting a gut."  http://www.nbcolympics.com/video/diving/highlights-german-diver-lands-on-back.html