Many were sad to see the historic train diner hauled away, and wondered where it may be going. Well it is a secret no longer, here is where it is now!

The train was a popular attraction at Captain Nick's in Bangor area for years, and many were sad to see the restaurant close its doors in June of 2015. There was a lot of speculation on what would happen to the train and where it would go. Some thought a transportation museum, or outdoor display somewhere in the state. Other's thought it was headed for demolition.

To be honest, we had almost forgotten about the Captain Nick's train until photos surfaced on the 'Wicked Muddy Mainer' Facebook page. By the way, the race is July 1, so if you'd like to go, better register.

On Monday photos of the train were posted showing the train being placed on some newly made tracks. Officials with Wicked Muddy Mainer said Tuesday they would serve food out of the rail car for the event in Orrington.

According to the Facebook page "Captain Nick shall ride again!"

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