A Burlington woman has been found guilty of sending a threatening letter to Senator Susan Collins, but says it was a joke.

Suzanne Muscara's fingerprint was found on the envelope that contained an insurance flyer with the words 'ANTHRAX HA HA HA,' written on it, as well as a drawing of a face with x's for eyes and a tongue sticking out, with an arrow that said 'You.' The envelope had some white powder inside, that turned out to be baking soda. Muscara says it was supposed to be a joke, and thought the police would intercept it before it got to the Senator. WCSH-TV reports she didn't believe anyone would take it seriously.

Muscara has not denied sending the letter that was delivered to Collins in October of last year. Just two days earlier, Collins' husband, Tom Daffron, had received a different threatening letter alleging to contain ricin. That letter originated in Washington state, and the sender has not been determined. Muscara told authorities she doesn't follow politics and didn't even know who Collins was, but had heard that people were protesting the senator's vote at the Brett Kavanaugh hearings.

Muscara will be held without bail until her sentencing.

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