A woman who shot her husband still wants to have contact with him, despite being given a five year prison sentence.

62-year-old Sally Ann Earl-Costello has much regret about the day she shot her husband of 38 years with a 12-gauge pump shotgun in their Readfield home. At her sentencing hearing on Thursday, she apologized to her husband, Hugh Costello, and told the court she still loves him and wants future contact with him. The former veterinarian talked about her 'hands of healing' and said she's deeply remorseful for the unspeakable harm they caused.

82-year-old Hugh Costello walks with a cane, but that was part of his life even before his wife shot him. Centralmaine.com reports that he also spoke at the hearing and said that he's forgiven his wife, still loves her, and wants to continue to have contact with her. He explained that his wife suffers from alcoholism and depression was very drunk last May when she shot him. He says he doesn't remember getting hit by bird shot while he sat on the deck outside their home.

The couple has a history of issues, with Earl-Costello having previously received a deferred deposition sentence for a domestic violence incident in which her husband was once again the victim. Justice Michaela Murphy issued a 15-year prison sentence on Thursday, with all but five years suspended and lifted the no-contact order, but said the extent of that contact will be up to prison administrators.

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