A Winthrop teenager, accused of stabbing his parents to death, is expected to change his plea to guilty.

19-year-old Andrew Balcer had previously pleaded not guilty to an indictment charging him with the intentional and knowing murders of Antonio and Alice Balcer, and to aggravated cruelty to animals for the death of the family's dog. The Portland Press Herald reports he's expected to be in court today to change that plea to guilty, as part of a plea deal, with sentencing possible as early as next month.

The charges stem from fatal attacks on Antonio and Alice Balcer, both 47-years-old, on Halloween of 2016. The then-17-year-old Andrew stabbed his mother first and then stabbed his father, when Alice's screams woke him up. A forensic psychologist has evaluated Balcer and determined that he has gender identification issues and didn't feel his parents would be supportive.

Balcer's brother has told authorities that their parents were always loving and supportive of the brothers.

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