As sure as anything, temperatures are dropping like they always do this time of year in Maine. For most, it’s a simple ‘dig to the back of the closet’ and pull out a light- to medium-weight jacket, knowing in a month or so out comes the ‘real’ winter coat we’ll need.

Maybe we take it for granted that all of us do that.

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This year, when you are in the back of your closet, take inventory. If you’re not wearing one or maybe two of those coats, consider those who don’t have a choice of coats. For them, it’s a need.

Lots in our community just don’t have the resources to provide winter coats to their families.

If we are not wearing a coat, consider donating it to someone who will be provided with warmth from that jacket all winter long.

Gold Star Cleaners has kicked off their annual coat drive to support the Penquis Coat Drive.

Gold Star is now collecting coats of any size at six different locations in the area, Union Street in Bangor. Brewer Shopping Center and on Wilson Street in Brewer. Main & Depot in Lincoln, University Mall in Orono. And Old Town Plaza, Old Town.

Gold Star Cleaners will clean the coats before passing them along to Penquis. Last year Gold Star collected over 500 coats at their locations, a record.

Here is to all being warm this winter, and may it warm your heart if you can help out.

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