When I was in high school, I have to admit, I wasn't really a model student. My grades weren't fantastic, but they weren't in the dumpster either, I suppose. However, I did value an education. And if I had grown up in this days and age, there would be a lot more choices for me to get an education, but more on my own terms.

However, I buckled down hard, and managed to finish at the end of my junior year. But I also wanted to march with my class, so I went for one semester my senior, and got done early, and left for music school shortly thereafter. But Winslow teen, Kaylin Brown had much bigger aspirations than most people her age.

She also buckled down and got done by the end of her junior year. But then, in conjunction with her all sorts of friends and family, and people from her school, Maine Academy of Natural Sciences, she decided to spend her 'senior year' hiking the Appalachian Trail. By herself.

Yet, not exactly alone. Sometimes friends would meet her on the trail for a bit, but there's also a strong sense of camaraderie among hikers on the trail itself. they look out for each other out there. In fact, after meeting up with some fellow Mainers on the trial, she was given the trail name 'Moxie'.

Her family would send supplies to different stops along the way, and even met up with her in Virginia. And Kaylin said that was the hardest part of the trip, according to CentralMaine.com...

When they left, I didn’t want to hike anymore. I wanted to go home. But, I just kept hiking. The next day, I was at a hostel surrounded by other hikers, and they made me feel less lonely.

She did take a brief break from the trail to fly out of Massachusetts so she could graduate with her classmates, but then it was right back to the trail to finish what she'd started.

This young lady has more tenacity in her little finger, than I probably have in my whole life. And hopefully, that carries her all the way through her life. Just like the trail, life is full of ups and downs. And now that she's conquered those, everything else will probably seem like a piece of cake.

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