According to a Facebook post from WABI-TV5's Todd Simcox..... Not likely, but...

There's no doubt it's going to be a scorcher. When I look around online at a few different weather maps, including the National Weather Service, I see projected temps getting well into the 90's. It looks like there could be a slight breeze as well, so maybe, just maybe, it won't be too bad.

But Todd Simcox, in his post, did a little digging to see what the record temps in Bangor actually are. It turns out that the all-time record high temp was set on August 19th, 1935. That day, the temperature got up to a balmy 104 degrees! And back then, air-conditioning was for the very wealthy, at best. Johnny Punch-Clock pretty much had to just suffer away in the heat.

So when, you might wonder, was the last time Bangor hit triple digits? Actually, it's been quite a while. To be exact, it was August 2nd, 1975. A mere 45 years ago. At least then, there were a lot more options for finding a way to beat the heat. Most stores had some form of AC, as well as movie theaters, and even in quite a few homes.

Now, if this weekend ends up going north of 95 degrees, it's gonna be rugged. Especially with the humidity, and if the breeze doesn't really kick in. Thankfully, it seems to be mostly isolated to the weekend. Sunday looks a bit toasty too, but not quite as bad.

But, try your best to enjoy it. Fins some place cool the hang out, drink lots of water, and definitely check in on your elderly relatives and neighbors. They tend to suffer the most in this heat, and are the least likely to complain about it.

Otherwise, just grin and bare it. Literally. Bare it.... Shed some clothes, find some shade, and remember we're just 10 Saturdays away from the first day of fall!

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