The hits just keep on coming for the now famous yellow pole in the Walmart parking lot in Auburn. The pole sees about a hit or two a week by drivers who somehow don't see it and smack their cars against it causing big damage to their vehicles.

We shared several photos submitted to us of the aftermath of these accidents and the pole always wins. Cars have been scratched, mirrors broke off, wheels turned sideways, and one incident where a car ended up on its side. Since sharing those photos a few weeks ago, the pole has been hit several more times. In fact, someone hit the pole as I was writing the original article!  No one has been seriously injured, but the total amount of damage to vehicles must total hundreds of thousands of dollars by now.

The problem is obvious. Driver's are cutting into the parking lane far too early, entering on the wrong side over stripped yellow lines, and end up hitting the yellow pole that marks the lanes and area where you should not drive.

The pole was recently repaired with fresh cement put in place so that it is now standing upright again and something has been added that we can only assume is there to send the clear message, "Don't drive here!"

Sanylia Gary

Good old-fashioned caution tape has been tied between two poles. The one on the right is the one that gets hit on the regular, as you can see by the amount of yellow paint that has been rubbed off and is now part of the new paint job of several local vehicles. An orange cone has been added to the other side of the pole for good measure.

Sanylia Gary

This should fix the problem, right? Well, you would think the bright yellow poles would do it all on their own, so who knows if this will work or not. What's the over-under on how long it takes before someone busts right through the tape like a stunt driver smashing through a fence? I'll place my bet on 4 days. Who's in?

Take a stroll down memory lane with these photos of pole vs. car over the past few years.

Cars Can't Stop Crashing Into One Yellow Pole at the Auburn, Maine, Walmart

There's a yellow pole in the Auburn, Maine Walmart parking lot that gets hit by drivers on a regular basis.

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