I was cruising through Facebook, like I do many an afternoon, and saw a post on a friend's page that struck a chord with me. This person was saying that while you're already filling out Christmas cards and stocking stuffers for friends and family, why not take a minute to pick something up and contribute to the Red Cross's Holidays for Heroes?

It costs you practically nothing. A card out of the stack you're already working from? And what... like 60 seconds of your time to fill it out? Or maybe you're out getting gift cards for relatives, or iTunes cards, or whatnot. There are plenty of veterans and wounded soldiers who could use a hand.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not trying to shame anyone into it, or imply that people aren't doing their part, just that it would only require the smallest sliver of your day. And something so small on your part, may mean the world to someone else.

That tiny little segment of your time could make a soldier's day who's lying in a hospital bed watching bad TV, or staring out the window watching squirrels get fat for winter. Or sitting at home recovering from an injury, and can't get out of the house. Take an extra second to let a soldier know that we're proud of what they've done for our country.

If you'd like to send a gift or donation, here's how:

ATTN: Holidays for Heroes
American Red Cross in the National Capital Region
8550 Arlington Ave
Fairfax VA 22031

The funny part is, you may not even realize til later, how much better you feel for doing it. Doing nice things for people always makes you feel better. Especially around the holidays. Right here is one way you can feel good about yourself and others, practically for free. Which another holiday miracle in itself!


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