Whoopi Goldberg's new show, 'The Con' will tell the story of how a woman born in Bangor, Maine swindled $100,000 out of a Hollywood producer.

Marianne Andle graduated from Bangor High School in 1987, but few people knew her real name. She went by Marianne Smyth, Mair, and a variety of other names, and traveled the world, allegedly cheating people out of large amounts of money. Arrest warrants for this international con artist have been issued in Maine, Florida, New York, Michigan, California, and Ireland.

On Wednesday night's episode of 'The Con,' Hollywood producer Johnathan Walton tells the story of how his belief that she was an Irish heiress ended up costing him tens of thousands of dollars. Walton is one of the producers of 'American Ninja Warrior' and 'Shark Tank,' and said, at first, he didn't want to tell anyone about the con, because he was embarrassed that he had been duped. But then he realized she'd just keep cheating others, and says he became obsessed with putting her behind bars.


So he started a blog, asking if others had fallen victim to her charms. Walton says he learned that she had run a scam in Bangor, Maine in the late 1980's, during which time she claimed to have cancer. From that blog, he learned that she had allegedly posed as a psychic, a psychologist, and more.

Smyth, or Andle, was finally picked up for Grand Theft Auto in Los Angeles in 2019 and sentenced to five years in jail, according to WFVX-TV.

Whoopi Goldberg's show, 'The Con' will air tonight at 10:00 on ABC.

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