Let's face it. In Maine, there's really only two types of people: Those who eat seafood, and those who don't. Or as I like to say, those who eat seafood, and those who are wrong. And beyond that, there's even another subset of folks:

Those who like whole fried clams

Clam Roll
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...and those who like fried clam strips.

Breaded clam strips
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Me? I'm a whole clam guy all the way. But I have a deep love of seafood. There's is no item from the sea I won't eat. Except urchin. That stuff is fuuuuuunky!

From what I can tell, most of you out in Q-land really like the whole clams, which warms my heart, no end. Here are a few of your responses...

We also had one person who swings both ways, and one who won't go either way at all!

Some folks can't deal with the belly on the clam because they think it's "snotty". Literally. Not like snooty, but the texture of mucus. At least, that's how my buddy describes it. but I think that's where all the flavor is. And, I imagine the people who don't like whole fried clams likely don't enjoy steamers either. But that's a whole other debate.....

It doesn't really matter at the end of the day. I mean, we all have foods we don't like that someone else loves. That's just human nature. It's also what makes us unique and awesome. Sure, I think it's wicked weird if you don't like seafood, but I hate uncooked peppers. They might be your favorite. So let us feast on clams and peppers together.

But separate.



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