I fell like since the whole pandemic started, I've been pretty level-headed. I've played the game like we're all supposed to. I stay home, I wear a mask, and above all, I try to keep a positive attitude about the whole thing. I feel like I've don'e a pretty good job at not buying into any hysteria, but that may change right now.

We're slowly transitioning into the holidays.... Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas... all not far away. And even though Easter is generally thought of as 'Peep' season, I enjoy the occasional spooky Peep or Christmas tree Peep. They're a fun little treat that's often an impulse buy at other times of year.

But now, Just Born Quality Confections has announced that Peeps will not be available until Easter of 2021. What in the actual @!#$ is going on here? The Associated Press says that because of COVID-19, the company halted production for weeks, causing quite a backlog in production. And as they look to the future, they think it's more important to have the sweet treats for Easter.

Do I get that? Yes. Do I agree? Mostly yes. Am I happy about it? No frikkin' way. Again, Peeps are a nice little impulse treat. What am I gonna do now? Get M&M's? A whoopie pie? Sometimes you just want that squishy little chicken in your mouth that's covered in enough sugar to physically hurt your teeth when you chew it.

Now, I doubt this is going to cause rioting in the streets. Obviously, if the company said they wouldn't have them for Easter, I'd be starting online petitions and organizing rallies, etc. But for now, while what's left is still in stores, I'm gonna go ahead and take a cue from the toilet paper hoarders, and go panic buy all the Peeps that are left.

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