Flatlanders and Mainers alike can't seem to figure this one out. With so many places all over the state claiming to be Down East it seems the entire mid section of the state is at times referenced as Down East. So where the heck is it?!

If you had a room full of people and asked them to point to Down East Maine on a map the fingers would go to a few different places on the map. Some would most likely point to Acadia National Park/Bar Harbor region. This is one of the most popularized places advertised as Down East in the state.

Heck, even the region's namesake, Down East magazine, isn't sure where it is.

Then a show called 'Down East Dickering' appeared on History Channel who based their show on the Augusta published 'Uncle Henry's' buying, swapping, selling, or trading guide. Only problem is the main characters are coming from parts of Maine like Minot, Bethel, and Sangerville, which are not in eastern Maine at all.

When you Google Down East the most common area referenced is Penobscot Bay to Canada covering areas like Calais, Machias, Bucksport, Eastport, Blue Hill and even Ellsworth. As general guidelines many people use Hancock and Washington County lines.

So where the heck is Down East?