I think basically, the headline says it all. Although, from what I've seen out my front window over the years, it's a law that doesn't seem to be too heavily enforced. And if it has been, I imagine those folks were shocked to discover the truth of the matter.

Basically, it goes like this: If you're removing snow from your driveway, you need to keep that snow on your property. It doesn't matter whether you're using a shovel or a snow blower. And even worse, if your plow guy is doing it, he knows better! But hey, guess who will get fined if the law were to be enforced? You!

According to a State law, 29A MRSA 2396, described in context at Maine.gov, clearing your snow into, onto, or across the road in any way, is a potential hazard. And with good reason! Have you ever been cruising down an otherwise clear road, and all of a sudden come upon a spot that has had snow dragged or blown across it? It's pretty much an immediate front row seat for an accident.

Sure it seems like a hassle. Sure, it seems like the state is just trying to find a new way to make some money off us. But face it, this law probably exists because at one time or another, this was an issue that needed to be addressed. I've been in an accident where the wind drifted a bunch of snow across the road. It was bananas!

And it figures, we have a bunch of crappy weather in store for the next few days. Here it is, almost March, and we still have to think about this. But hey, July will be here soon enough. Yes, I said July, and I stand by that. I doubt we'll see anymore snow by then. But hey, it's Maine.

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