Huge positive of living in Maine, especially in the summer, is when you get a day or a week off, you do not have to travel too many miles  from home to enjoy life.  I never forget that.  We get to live in Vacation land, every day. And here comes summer.  I saw a AAA article that said fewer and fewer Americans are going to travel anywhere this summer, due to the pandemic. Makes sense. So as we enjoy our own backyard and our day trips in Maine, think of the places you aren’t going. Some of them, very over rated in my opinion.

Where aren’t you going this summer (and aren’t going to miss it)

Stephanie Keith

Times Square NYC. (Really this is it?  Hey, get away from me. No I can’t help you with a few bucks for your bus ticket)

Ken Pilon

Niagara Falls.  The actual falls are beautiful.  Majestic.  Awe inspiring.  All the wax museums and t-shirt shops and street vendors, not so much.

Paul Archuleta

Holly wood Walk of Fame (They pay to get their stars in the sidewalks, and for the maintenance too)

Joe Raedle

Disney World (Pay an ever increasing price to stand in lines all day.  And walk, and walk, and walk.)



See you at the beach. Or on the trails.  Or in the woods.  Or in someone’s yard. Maine in the summer.  Only way it gets any better is fewer license plates on our roads from Massachusetts and from New York. Stay away.