Seems like a ton of Bangor area stores are closing their doors these days. There have been some big ones, e.g., Kmart and Macy's. That being said, we decided to ask this question: what's the one store in Bangor you couldn't live without?

Kmart announced in December that it would be closing it's location on Hogan Road in Bangor. The following month, Macy’s announced plans to shutter 63 locations nationwide, including the store at the Bangor Mall. And just last week, the Payless on Broadway was put on the chopping block, but luckily, the Bangor Mall store was spared.

Social media reactions to the closures included comments like "we're going to be a ghost town" and "I wonder which store is next." Maybe at some point there's going to be a store that closes and it's going to cause Bangor area residents to break the internet, hopefully not, but which store would that be.

Walmart? Seems unlikely, but there was a time when we felt the same way about Kmart. What about Marden's? The closure of a popular local business would really sting. Remember LaVerdiere's, the Waterville-based pharmacy chain?

Tell us which store you couldn't live without by selecting one from the our poll, and leave a comment on our Facebook page.

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