Two nights ago, my wife had an event she was attending, so it gave me a house all to myself for a few hours, and I decided to get a little extra practice time in behind my drums. Not an uncommon occurrence at our place. Until of course, I whacked myself in the face.

Yup. I was doing my boom boom baboom best, and somehow a stick came out of my hand, bounced off the snare drum, and directly into my eye socket. It hurt for a second, and I even saw some starts, but it didn't really hurt, so I kept on going. The next day when I got here in the office, one of my co-workers asked if I had pink eye.

Obviously, I had no idea what he was talking about, so I went and looked in the mirror and saw this:

Photo: J Stew
Photo: J Stew

It's not like it's that serious. And in fact, I had to think for a minute about how I did it. Then I remembered the stupid drumstick in the face. so here we are.

So I ask you faithful Q listeners....

What's the dumbest thing you've ever done to hurt yourself? I put this question to our Facebook page, and there were a couple comments that jumped right out at me. Micaela Hewey said she was just walking and twisted her ankle. Reminds me of the time I tore my calf muscle skipping. That sucked.

But Michelle Lee talking about breaking toes during a Patriots game from being mad at the game. Maybe next time put some shoes on before you go kicking inanimate objects. Although, I've been there. That sucks too.

We've all had our moments, so don't feel bad. I can commiserate with just about anyone's injuries. I've had broken bones, kidney stones, burns... you name it. But, we all just have to keep plugging and fight through the pain. Or, do what I do and just post about it on the internet. Win/win situation.


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