Fall is in the air.  A coolness to the air, suggesting we are done with humidity for 2020. It’s time for the crack of a baseball off a bat in the playoffs and the grunt of two linemen on a football field trying to move each other out of their positions.  But those are more about sounds.  How about that smell of Fall in the air.

Almost time for the smell of wood burning in the fireplace.  Hold it, I guess it’s not almost.  The time is here. And the smell of pine. Nothing like the smell of a real Christmas tree in the house.  And I don’t mean to suggest that artificial Christmas trees aren’t real.  But that’s winter for most, not Fall.

Food isn’t seasonal is it?  How about the smell of coffee in the morning. Or bacon sizzling in the pan.  There I go again with sounds. I was never bitten with the bacon bug. I rarely eat it, and don’t miss it. No bone to pick, just not my thing. Bread baking in the oven is a great smell.  And it’ll help sell a house. Potential buyers walking into a house that just had cookies or bread in the oven, and the scent is lingering think more positively about the house. Sold.

How about candles. I’m not much of a candle guy, but I was back in my girly man days.  And lavender was my favorite.  There’s nothing like lavender in the garden in the summer either.  But I haven’t been able to get it to grow in Maine.

Nothing like the smell of a barn full of cows. Really? Or a wet dog. Now, I’m kidding.

Close up of a golden retriever's nose in a fenced backyard

A new car.  Where’s Oprah when you need her.

How about the smell of your spouse’s deodorant or cologne/perfume.  On that note, get out this fall and smell the roses.  Before it’s too late.

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