Just before leaving the house this morning, Shirley made the announcement that we will be having pizza tonight, and that I'll be making the crust--and possibly the whole pizza pie. A big 'ol smile came across my face. I love pizza!

Like you, I have had pizza from every major pizza franchise known to mankind. I've also had pizza from a variety of different restaurants too, even at eateries in Boston and New York that are known for their circular creations. Our son, Wes, as he has for many years, works at the Pizza Hut across from Best Buy in Bangor. Believe me, we know pizza in our family.

But the question remains: Who makes the best pizza?

Major franchises aside, personally I gotta say that Pat's Pizza, whose origin is Orono, has the best pizza going in Maine. They've been feeding college kids and countless locals since 1953. They now have 13 locations across the state. Shirley and I had a Feta-Spinach pizza from Pat's the other night that was to die for.

Honestly though, my favorite pizza of all time came from a little hole-in-the-wall place that made their heavenly pies from scratch. They are no more. They were located on Route 1-A heading towards Ellsworth at the intersection of 1-A and the Branch Pond Road--they were called Oveseychek's [sic]. They doctored up the crust with oil and garlic (drool).

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