That honky tonk highway is calling Luke Combs back to Bangor Friday night. What does his set look like? We have a good idea.

Spoiler alert, we have an idea of what the Luke Combs will play when he brings his Beer Never Broke My Heart Tour to Bangor. We know some of the excitement of a concert is wondering what he'll play next. Don't read further if you want his performance to be a total surprise.

However, if you're curious if he'll perform your favorite tune, we have a rough idea of what the set will include. Obviously the order and tunes may change, but according to this is what his set looked like earlier in the tour.

This is what his set looked like earlier this month:

  1. Honky Tonk Highway
  2. Out There
  3. When It Rains It Pours
  4. Must Have Never Met You
  5. Moon Over Mexico
  6. Reasons
  7. Beautiful Crazy
  8. Be Careful What You Wish For
  9. Let The Moonshine
  10. Can I Get An Outlaw?
  11. Dear Today
  12. This One's For You
  13. All My Rowdy Friends/Rock My World (Little Country Girl)/Desperado [COVER MEDLEY}
  14. Beer Can
  15. Don't Tempt Me
  16. Houston, We Got A Problem
  17. A Long Way
  18. Memories Are Made Of
  19. One Number Away
  20. One Too many
  21. Hurricane
  22. Beer Never Broke My Heart
  23. She Got The Best Of Me [ENCORE]
  24. Ramblin' Man [COVER] [ENCORE]

As you can see from the setlist above, LC is going to be firing on all cylinders. From is radio mega hits, fan favorites, to staple country covers, and unreleased works, his set is bursting with rapid fire knockout tunes. Fans from Luke's early days will certainly enjoy the throwbacks to his first EP's, with the songs "Can I Get An Outlaw?" and "Let The Moonshine."

Lanco and Jameson Rodgers are set to open the show.