If you feel 'Blah' today, is it because of the time change? I am mostly pretty routine driven, but last night I had a more difficult time winding down getting ready to get to bed, and I'm certain it was the time change. The clock might say 'bedtime' but the body is saying, no not yet.

A recent study says it's not good to mess with mother nature, meaning our circadian rhythms, our internal body clock. And not only is it disruptive, it could lead to medical issues. The overall rate for stroke is higher in the days after the time change. Heart attacks too.

And be careful at work today. The Monday and Tuesday after the 'Spring Forward' clock change has more workplace injuries, auto accidents, and poor decision making.

Of course with yet another Nor'Easter on the way, we'll soon adjust to our next issue which will be dealing with a foot or a foot and a half of new snow.

And dealing with having to report Sarah from down the hall to HR for interrupting the Q106.5 Morning Show.

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