According to the dating app 'Hater' Mainers are not into this type of cuisine, even though we have a lot of places serving it!

'Hater' is a dating app that tries to link up couples based of their common dislikes. In each user's profile they are asked things like what colors do they hate, or what food. Using this data 'Hater' determined the most hated food in each state.

Some states had very specific hated foods like Minnesota where they hate green beans. Other states like Oregon hate all fast food. Virginia had more people hating on dabbing a pizza with a napkin than any actual food, and Hawaii apparently hates Coke.

Can you guess what Mainers hate the most? According to 'Hater' it's Asian Fusion food!? Hard to believe that with a new Hibachi restaurant opening in Bangor after the success of another. In fact there are at least 14 places where you can get some delicious Asian fusion food in Bangor!

Is it true? Is this also your most hated food? See all of the states most hated foods here.

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