We all know that pizza is definitely not a trend, it's a way of life!  More than likely it's a part of your weekly routine.  So, where do you go to get it?  What business serves up the absolute BEST PIZZA in our area?  Inquiring minds want to know.

We created this listener/online poll so that we know where to pick up dinner tomorrow night.

Now, we didn't just pull these business names out of the blue, though with all of our pizza eating experiences that would have been pretty easy.  Nope, we went to Yelp, and also Trip Advisor, and then searched out the highest rated pizza joints in Bangor and the surrounding areas!  Then today on the air, we woke up our listeners and asked them as well.

Although we're putting our favorite pizza places aside, we're relying on your tastes and likes to come up with a winner!  Enlighten us!  Then, we can't wait to strap on a bib and see if you're right!

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