Today is Wear Your PJ’s to Work Day.

If you are actually participating in this, please, please, please get a selfie to me. Especially if you really rock those negligees.  (Editor’s Note: Are you kidding me about this?)

Some people will wear pajama bottoms to work. Haven’t we all seen people in a store or walking the dog and they are wearing pajama bottoms. Getting home from work and getting out of regular pants and into those comfortable bottoms are a highlight of the workday. Lounging pants. So why not at work today to celebrate National Wear Your Pajamas To Work Day.

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There really is not a dress code at Q106.5 So somedays everyone dresses better than other days. And the policy that most work places try to uphold are mostly not followed by some who work at our station. You know collared shirts and semi clean not beat up pants isn’t that hard to go along with. But admittedly some days here everyone is in a t shirt and a hoodie.

But not today. It’s National Wear Your Pajamas To Work Day, which was started in April 16th, 2004 as a campaign to reward those who worked late into the evening working on taxes. Of course in non-pandemic years Tax Returns must be postmarked before Midnight turns April 15th into April 16th.  The day was begun by Pajama Gram, a company that sells…you guessed it, pajamas.

Enjoy the day, and don’t forget those photos.  (Editor’s Note: He is kidding)

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