Maine has a better chance of a shark attack than states like Arizona and Kentucky (because there is no ocean....) , but less of a chance than if you were in Massachusetts, or Texas. 

List maker and ranker website has ranks the 50 states from most to least shark attack chances. 31 states have no chance because they are far away from the ocean but the rest do have at least 5% chance.

Maine has a 10% chance according to the list. With only one shark attack in Maine's history it seems Maine waters are pretty safe. Maine does see its occasional shark but they have been very docile thus far. They must know this is Vacationland.

According to the collected data Florida has a 100% chance of shark attacks with a past record of over 700 attacks and 11 deaths expect a shark attack every time you swim there. Hawaii follows in second place but with drastically less attacks than Florida. Second place Hawaii has had about 136 shark attacks giving it a 90% chance for a shark attack.

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