According to the National Weather Service in Caribou, we are on track for a record number of days with temps over 80 degrees. The record was set up at the NWS in Caribou in 1999. That year we had 51 days over 80. So far this year we're looking at 31 days. And it's only the 7th of August!

Lord knows the last couple weeks feel like they've set a record for temps in the 90's, so a long stretch of 80 and above doesn't seem like a toughie. I looked ahead at the forecast for the next two weeks, and I don't see a single day where the temp is going to drop below 80 degrees, other than at night. Heck, last night at my house, the lowest temp I saw was 74.

It's tough to feel like there's any relief in sight. To the point where it seems like meteorologists are just kind of laughing nervously every time I see the forecast. I'm sure they're all a bit nervous looking people in the eye right now. I don't blame them. And it's not like it's going to get better. Once this all settles down, it'll be right back to the deep freeze.

But hey....that's just life in the old Pine Tree State, bub. Get used to it, or get out!


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