It is really going to happen. We just don’t know when. I'm talking about the latest stimulus check or direct deposit. There is an Internal Revenue Website designed to let people know when to expect the payment and how they’ll receive it. It’s here.

For the record, I tried three times, and when you have to enter your social security number on the internet, that "spooks" me, and three strikes and I’m out. I’ll wait to find out when it shows up in the mailbox along with the extended car warranty fliers, or gets deposited to the bank account.

This will be the largest stimulus payment so far, and although they went into the discussions with $2,000 per adult thrown around, the bill that was signed is $1,400 per person. That’s $2,800 per couple.

What are you going to do with your money?

The $1,400 is a good chunk of change. Part of me wants to do something fun and memorable with it. But when I draw a blank on what, I’m thinking more it doesn’t expire.  I can spend it down the road, so just sock it away. Big possibility for me is give it back to the Federal Government, since April 15th is approaching and it seems I always owe something.

There is much discussion about what to spend it on, but let’s take a pause to seriously feel for and think of those that are still upside down with this pandemic and trying to figure out how to make it day to day, even with that stimulus money. All I can suggest is hang in there, keep as positive as you can, and hopefully things will work out to your benefit.

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