A Wells police cruiser on Wednesday struck a man who had run into a field after officers attempted to arrest him for drunk driving, police said.

Keith Lee of Brandon, Florida, 36, is being treated at Maine Medical Center in Portland for non-life threatening injuries, state police said Thursday.

Police responded at about 7:30 p.m. to the parking lot of the Xtra Mart on Post Road after receiving a report of a vehicle driving erratically.

After conducting a series of sobriety tests, the officers attempted to arrest Lee, but police say he ran off into a nearby field.

Two officers ran after the suspect while officer Steven McDonald drove his cruiser into the field, attempting to assist in Lee’s apprehension. Police say that's when Lee fell down, and the cruiser ran over him.

Lee is expected to face a number of charges upon his release from the hospital.

State police are investigating the incident at the request of the Wells Police Department.

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