After a rain soaked spring, some relief from the wet conditions is in the forecast.

Maine has seen a relatively gloomy looking spring so far. Wet and cooler than average temps have prevailed throughout the first half of the season. Sunny and mild days have been few, and far between. It appears a break from the bleak weather is in the forecast for much of Maine.

News Center Maine's Todd Gutner says after a wet Wednesday, Maine may not see rain for over a week. The prolonged dry conditions does elevate concerns of brush and wildland fires.

The National Weather Service in Caribou is forecasting sunshine for the Bangor area from Thursday, well into the middle of next week. More spring-like temps accompany the sun-soaked weather pattern. Temperatures are expected to climb to near 70 degrees, Monday and Tuesday. Forecasters say temps could top out in the upper 70s next Wednesday.

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