We already knew our beer is awesome, but now everyone else does.

The website Thrillist ranked each state by their awesome craft beer. Some of the factors that went into each states ranking was quality and quantity of the beer. Maine landed at No. 9 on the list. Thrillist listed a few Maine breweries as examples of our awesome brews.

Maine Beer Company in Freeport was named, as well as their Lunch IPA and the illusive Dinner DIPA. Dinner is only released a few times a year. The demand for the hoppy DIPA is so great beer lovers would line up outside brewery hours before the brewery opened. The traffic on "Dinner Days" caused major traffic issues along Route 1 to the point the brewery had to make the beer release a ticketed event. Tickets sell out in hours. By the way, a 12 pack of Dinner costs over $100. It's worth every penny though, trust us.

Another brewery where folks line the sidewalk to get their hands on great Maine beer, is Bissell Brothers Brewing in Portland. Thrillist mentioned their hazy DIPA Swish. The beer is released seasonally. Throughout the winter at Bissell it's known as Swish Season. In the summer months the seasonal is DIPA Nothing Gold. Wednesday-Saturday the brewery releases cans of select brews. Cans usually sell-out everyday. In tourist season, cans sell out in hours. By the way, yes, Swish is a nod to Trailer Park Boys. NOTE: The clip is NSFW.

Other breweries listed as Maine representatives is Oxbow Brewing and Foundation Brewing.

Ranking at No. 1 on the list was Oregon ... really?

Last place went to Mississippi. The state has been slow to embrace craft beer. Prior to 2013 if you got caught homebrewing in that state you could get arrested. Homebrewing is now legal in Mississippi.

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