While taking pictures of deer, feeding in a field, I spooked one of them enough that it ran for a comforting kiss.

On my way home from work on Thursday, I came across a small group of deer, feeding on the grass in a field. I stopped to take a few pictures and most of the deer just stopped eating and stared at me. They're pretty used to people in Orrington and, although the sound of my camera perked their ears up, they stood their ground. It's Spring and they're hungry. Food trumps weird lady in a car, any day.

But one of the deer started trotting over to another, larger deer that I assumed was probably his (her?) mother. I didn't have time to switch my camera to video, but the progression of the pics I took captured the frightened flight, followed by a reassuring kiss. And it must have worked, because the young deer didn't continue to run away.

My husband, Jim, and I love to take evening drives to see the deer in the fields. But this encounter was a first for me. I'm so glad I remembered to grab my camera on my way out the door that morning.

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