A trail camera caught two moose lowering their racks for a little sparring match in the big woods of Maine.

No horns dropped, but a trail camera caught something pretty cool. Shared on Facebook by Big Woods Bucks, the video shows two Maine moose locking antlers in a bit of a sparring match. The camera was placed in hopes of catching a bull moose shedding an antler. As the caption says, "these two weren't quite ready to drop."

A fun offseason activity for hunters, exploding in popularity, is "shed hunting." Shed hunting usually starts around February, when deer and moose are shedding their racks. Antlers tend to drop late December through early March. Quality, naturally shed antlers, are not only challengingly fun to find, but can also fetch a good price from increasingly high market demand. In Maine, it's legal to sell or buy naturally shed antlers from moose and deer without a dealer's license.

Big Woods Bucks is a widely popular Podcast that focuses on hunting in Maine's big woods. The show shares hunting tactics, techniques, and other helpful information, for new hunters, to experienced woodsmen. In addition to Podcasts, the BWB Youtube channel is full of exciting videos of big woods hunts. Recently, Maine Master Guide, Hal Blood's long-awaited "Brutus" hunt was shared to the channel. If you love hunting in Maine, it's worth clicking "the bell dinger thing" for.

For hunters anxious to get their name in for the annual Maine Moose Lottery, the application period will open in February. Applications will be accepted through May 13, 2021. We have yet to hear if the drawing will be held in person, or online this year.

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