A date and city has been announced for the 2023 Moose Lottery Drawing.

The Moose Lottery Drawing will be hosted by the city of Augusta this year. The date has been set for June 10, 2023. A specific location has yet to be announced.

Last year, the town of Jackman hosted the festivities. The first-ever Jackman Region Moose Lottery Festival was held on June 11, 2022. The one-day festival celebrated the region’s outdoor sporting and forest products heritage, in conjunction with the lottery drawing.

The Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife is now accepting applications for the 2023 Moose Permit Lottery. You have until, May 15 to apply. Applications are only being accepted online. Once completed, you'll receive a confirmation email indicating that you successfully entered.

Since 1998, applicants receive bonus points on their name for each consecutive year entered without being drawn. Each bonus point gives you another chance at being selected. The more years someone enters, and isn't selected, the more bonus points are added per-year.

Here's the breakdown:

  • One bonus point is acquired each year for five years.
  • Two per-year for years 6-10,
  • Three per-year for years 11-15
  • 10 per year for years 16 and beyond
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n 2011 a rule was enacted that an applicant can skip one year and not loose any acquired points. So if you applied in 2021, but didn't enter last year, you didn't loose your points.

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