Although this black bear is really scratching her head, she looks more like she's dancing.

Actually, maybe she is. A good rain dance wouldn't be a bad thing right now. The Maine Warden Service says bears are coming out of the woods more this year because the dry conditions are causing them to look for alternate meal sources. That's why so many people are still dealing with bears taking their bird feeders or invading their trash.

Colin Chase posted this video on Facebook's Maine Wildlife page of a bear that was dealing with a bad bug bite or maybe just some dry skin. She found the perfect way to scratch the top of her head but, caught on game cam, it takes on a different look. All she needs is some exotic music.

Wardens say, even though it seems late in the year for it, anyone who's within the proximity of bear country should avoid putting out bird feeders, keep their trash tightly lidded and inside (if that's possible), clean the grill thoroughly after using it, and secure small livestock (like chickens), so they're not vulnerable.

How to Avoid Attracting Bears to Your Yard

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