Oh yeah, they're real close.

Check out this video of a Great White shark swimming in the Bay Of Fundy, the body of water that separates Maine and New Brunswick from Nova Scotia.  Listen as a local boat employee from St. Andrews describes seeing the 15 to 17 foot long monster!

In an article on the CBC website, Nicole Leavitt, a senior biologist with a sport fishing company, who has been "tagging" large fish for years said that the sighting was "phenomenal" and  "can be a once in a lifetime experience."   Leavitt said that a great white of that size could weight 5,000 lbs. plus.

While Great Whites are more prevalent in the Cape Cod area (check out this horrific 911 audio from 2014 when a Great White bit into a woman's kayak), the past few years have seen ocean waters warm, more and more Great White shark sightings have occurred along the Maine and Canadian coasts.

During the summer of 2014 tourists filmed a Great White while aboard a Canadian tour boat operating in Passamaquoddy Bay, the waters that separate Washington County from New Brunswick.

Then, during the summer of 2015, local diver Ed Monat filmed what looked to be a very large shark, possibly a Great White, just off the shore of Burnt Porcupine Island,  a half mile or so from downtown Bar Harbor.

In the past we have presented a few tips as to how you can protect yourself from great whites while in the water from the Atlantic White Shark Conservancy in Massachusetts.  They may be worth reading over again.