Live music returned to the Cross Insurance Center, with a free outdoor concert held Wednesday afternoon.

We've all been missing the live, outdoor shows. Feeling that excitement as you wait for the singers to hit the stage. Just gathering with others who have the same interests and are out for some fun. It's been a quiet summer and we're all ready for a little treat before winter forces us back into our homes.

So, the Cross Insurance Center put together an outdoor show this week, featuring local performers Adam Babcock...

and Riff Johnson.

The state was set up outside in Paul Bunyan Park. Planners had painted circles on the grass, so spectators would know where to put their chairs and blankets, and still remain socially distanced from others. A few cocktail-type standing tables were also scattered around for the people who didn't have chairs. Folks wore their masks and tapped their feet to the music.

In advance of the event, the Cross Insurance Center had made their safety guidelines public on the center's Facebook page.

  • No more than 100 people are allowed at the event.
  • Masks must be worn by guests at all times.
  • Guests must stay socially distanced from others, not within their immediate group.
  • Hand sanitizing stations would be readily available to all.
  • High traffic areas and surfaces would be cleaned and sanitized regularly.
  • The Cross Insurance Center reserves the right to check a person's temperature, at any time.
  • Guests will be held to the Cross Insurance Center's security policy, if deemed appropriate.
  • No smoking.
  • No weapons allowed on the property.
  • No drugs and alcohol.

It was a fun and free evening, enjoyed by about 100 people. Here's hoping they continue with these shows, while the weather holds out. I'm sure, if they do have more, it will be posted on the event center's Facebook page.

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