We're all basking in the glory of Spring right now. Everyone wants to be outside doing stuff. Even stuff we wouldn't normally want to do, like yard work or exercising. The fresh influx of warm, nice weather is making us all anxious to do our outdoor thing, whatever it may be.

According to a recent Facebook post, the Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife wants to remind you though, that a lot of the trails are still closed due to poor trail conditions. Riders of four wheelers, and six wheelers love it when it's a bit treacherous and muddy, but since a good deal of these trails cross private property, they're asking folks to respect the landowner's wishes when it comes to using trails.

If you look at the comments in the above Facebook post, not all riders are respectful of the signs, which is too bad. One person quipped that when they brought the attention of the signs to a rider on their property, the rider just shrugged it off saying, "I never look at those things."

Most trails are clearly marked with when they should be open. A fair amount are posted through the end of this month around Memorial Day. Honestly, we do the same thing at my camp. this time of year, it's tempting to drive right in, but it would absolutely destroy our camp road, jeopardizing it's easy passage for the rest of the summer.

If you do want to ride, they urge you to check the trail markers, and respect the wishes of the individual landowners, who are the real reason we're able to have this beautiful trail system to ride machines of all kinds on. If you need a refresher on recreational vehicle law, you can do that here.

Soon enough, you'll be out there rippin' it up, having a grand old time. Until then, look at new machines online that you can't afford. It'll freak out your significant other, especially if you happen to leave your credit card next to the computer!



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