Maine Game Wardens are looking for a bobcat that attacked a 17-year-old boy and his father in their backyard in the town of Stow.

The Portland Press Herald reports Carolynn Plowden and her son Justin first spotted the bobcat at around 7:15 p.m. when it was crossing the road near their home on Union Hill Road. They were excited to see it in their backyard about 10 minutes later, until they realized it showed no fear of their barking dogs. In addition, the bobcat was acting strangely, rolling around in their barn, walking up the steps to the porch, and biting a folded tarp.

Justin and his father, John, went outside to get a closer look at the animal and confirm that it wasn't a protected lynx. They kept their eyes on the cat while John called the Warden Service to make sure he could shoot it. Plowden said her husband was armed when he went outside but put the gun down to make the call.

Suddenly the cat appeared about 20 feet away from the pair and launched itself at Justin's face, plunging its teeth through his cheek. As John tried to pull the animal off, it clawed at his son's back and shoulder. The cat then turned on John, clawing and puncturing his arm. A neighbor heard the commotion and shot at the animal, scaring it off. Both Justin and John have received several rabies shots, including four shots to Justin's face. They will have to keep going back for shots until the treatment is complete, which could cause John to miss a once-in-a-lifetime trip to Japan.

The next morning, a woman and her small dog also came across an aggressive bobcat a few miles from the Plowdens' home. The dog is now being treated for injuries sustained in the encounter. She told Wardens the cat may have had porcupine quills in its face, but the Plowdens say they didn't see any quills, so it must have tangled with the porcupine in the interim between attacks.

Wardens are cautioning residents of Stow and surrounding areas to keep their distance from any bobcats they see, and report the sighting immediately to the public safety dispatch in Gray at 657-3030.

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