Wardens were busy over the weekend, rescuing a hiker and a group of kayakers, and dealing with several ATV crashes, including one that killed a Corinna woman.

The Maine Warden Service reports 40-year-old Shannon Brewer was driving a Can Am Maverick Side by side ATV at about 8:30 Saturday evening, with the vehicle's owner, Michael Martin. They were traveling on the Pierce Webber Road, near Upper Pond, when Brewer lost control of the ATV as she approached a 4-way intersection. The vehicle skidded over 50 feet before it rolled against a tree, alongside the trail, pinning Brewer between the ATV and the tree. Martin tried to free her, but was unable to get her out.

Martin called 911 and another ATV rider stopped to assist, but they were still unable to free Brewer. Despite all rescue efforts, the Corinna woman died at the scene. Wardens continue to investigate this accident but say excessive speed, inexperience, and possible alcohol all appear to have been factors in the crash.

Wardens were assisted at the scene by Lincoln Ambulance and Lincoln Police.

This accident was one of several rescue efforts Maine Wardens had to deal with over the weekend. In Eustis, Wardens came to the rescue of three women who were kayaking down the Dead River from Coplin Plantation. Exhaustion set in after they had to drag their kayaks over a rocky part of the river. They notified wardens, who guided them to a place in the river where they could meet up and take the women to their vehicles. No one was hurt in the incident.

In Weld, an injured hiker had to be carried down off Tumbledown Mountain. Officials say 44-year-old Damon Thomas of Portland hurt his ankle and was unable to hike down on his own. Wardens carried him on a litter, where they met up with an ambulance at about 10:30 Saturday night.

A woman sustained leg and hip injuries on Saturday evening when the ATV on which she was a passenger rolled over. Wardens say Mariah Folsom was riding on the ATV being driven by Olson Staples of Standish, when the throttle became stuck and the vehicle traveled about 100 yards before it crashed. Both 22-year-olds were wearing helmets. Olson sustained only cuts and bruises but Folsom was taken to the hospital with injuries to her hip and leg.

And in Kingsbury Plantation, Wardens stopped a man who was riding an ATV illegally on a public way. The man told the wardens that he was going to his camp to pick up his his truck so he could help some people who had crashed their ATV in an area with no cellphone service. Wardens went to the scene of the accident and found Sonya Oliver, 26 of Westport, Massachusetts and Michael Menard, 25 of Tiverton, Rhode Island. Both had minor lacerations and soreness in their ribs. They were treated on scene by EMS personnel from Greenville's Mayo Hospital.

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