A Bangor man came to the aid of four baby squirrels who were tangled together by their tails.

Andrew Day, 41, spotted the squirrels Sunday outside his parents' house in Bangor.

Day told the Bangor Daily News he looked out the window and saw what he initially thought was a cat attacking an injured squirrel.

Day used his phone to record what he called a "holy-cow-what-the-hell-is-this video,” which he later posted on YouTube.

He said the animals struggled to walk together as a unit and even tried to climb a tree a few times but kept falling down.

He used a yard rake to lead the squirrels into a cardboard box. He then put on a pair work gloves and used a pair of scissors to trim the hair off their tails.

Day eventually freed the squirrels and said the animals appeared to be okay when he let them go.

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