The son of one of the people shot and killed by a Madison man says the shooter may have believed his wife was having an affair.

Mike Spaulding of Gorham told that his father, Michael Spaulding, was trying to help Lori Hayden get out of an abusive situation. He claims Hayden wanted to move away from Carroll Tuttle and that his father was trying to help. Spaulding says his father would never have been involved with the woman who lived next door.

Tuttle shot and killed Hayden and their 25-year-old son, Dustin Tuttle, before walking next door and killing Spaulding. The victim's son says his father's girlfriend asked him why he did it and he made reference to a belief that the two had been romantically involved.

Tuttle was killed in a confrontation with police, after shooting a fourth victim, Harvey Austin, who was related to Hayden. He was taken to Eastern Maine Medical Center where Public Safety spokesman Steve McCausland says he's still recovering.

Investigators cleared the scene along Russell Road at around 7:00 Wednesday night and will continue to conduct interviews in an attempt to get the full story of what happened to spark the shootings.

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