Maine is the place to come camping and there are plenty of places to go to experience this. You can hunker down in the woods of the Katahdin region to soak in the rolling mountains and clear lakes. You can find a more 'civilized' experience closer to the coast at a campground that offers showers and electricity.

But, one experience of camping in Maine could be one of the most unique ways you could spend an overnight excursion in the Pine Tree state that may have you making friends with wolves.

Photo by everett mcintire on Unsplash
Photo by everett mcintire on Unsplash

In Trenton, you can book an overnight stay at an animal preserve to sleep on the grounds of the Kisma Preserve off of Route 1A. This tenting experience is one that will really have you up-close and personal with nature and Maine's great outdoors since the preserve is home to wolves, bears, and other wildlife.

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The location of the preserve has you minutes away from Acadia National Park and the preserve accommodates those just looking to park and sleep before an excursion to Cadillac Mountain. Or you can book an extended stay and have the preserve be your home camp so you can day trip to Acadia, in Bar Harbor, Downeast, or wherever.

If you are interested in booking, you can reserve your spot for $40 a night for up to 3 guests. This is an exclusively adult experience, so those 18 and older are permitted to take on this unique endeavor. Check out their listing on HipCamp 'Camping With Wolves' and see more about this preserve at their website.

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