WHY?!?!?! Like most folks, I'm starting to feel like the Bangor area has lost a bet with God. We are set to have another possible round of snow move through here on Wednesday night into Thursday. To be fair, current forecast models don't have us getting nearly the kind of snowfall that we've had recently, but when you read the word "nor'easter," it immediately conjures up a lot of swearing and migraines.

Though it's projected to go out to sea, there is a small possibility it could swing back toward the coast, delivering coastal areas a bit more to contend with. Especially in the Washington County region, which I'm sure they'll be mega-excited to hear. I have a friend down that way who was without power for a day or two after the last storm, so I'm sure she will jump for joy at the thought of another day getting pelted by the white stuff.

The National Weather Service isn't totally ready to talk amounts for any of the forecast areas, but I imagine even they are hoping that the storm will just blow out to sea and they can finally stop being the most hated public service in Maine right now.

I have this theory that when most meteorologists are off-air, they're in disguise so no one gives them a hard time in public. Like Keith Carson probably goes to the mall in a fat suit with a fake beard, lest he be accosted by angry Mainers who want to have "chat" about the weather.

It must take a pretty tough character to be a weather person. It's like being the Homer Simpson of your community. Everyone loves you when things are bright and sunny and predictable, but when Mother Nature goes haywire, it leaves most of the area going, "D'OH!!!"

As it stands right now, Thursday in the Bangor area is showing intermittent light snow, that could total around 4 inches, with the high that day reaching around 35 degrees, and winds between 20 mph and 30 mph. These are a few of the hallmarks of a traditional nor'easter, but we'll see if we can dodge the bullet. Cross your fingers.

If you think we've had it rough this winter, you're right. Since Jan. 1, Bangor has had almost 110 inches of snow, which is 48 inches more than normal. Just in March alone we've had 30+ inches of snow...25 more inches than a typical March.

So please Mother Nature, do us a solid and get us off this Snow Train to Purgatory.

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